Welcome to Funtastic HoiAn Basket Boat Tour!

We are the leading local activities provider in HoiAn,Vietnam.We pioneered  from basket boat tour adventure with fishing and crabbing activities at coconut village where we have lived then we have opened to the different unique local activities that we master each of them on the hand.Each of our trip is featuring the special experience that other tour companies can not offer like us since we are living and working on the our fatherland.So let try each activities with us as you can when you visit HoiAn,Vietnam.

Why book the tour with us!

1.Free pick up & drop off by private car.

2.Easy payment at the end of the tour with us.

3.Most talented basket boat riders and dancers.

4.Enjoy the most delicious local foods in every single tour.

5.Interact directly with our locals for any unique activities.

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