Frequently Asked Questions

There are top 10 local foods you must try when you visit Da Nang city included:1.My Quang( (Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles),2.Bun Cha Ca(Fishcake Noodles Soup),3.Com Chien(Vietnamese Fried Rice),4.Com Tam(Broken Rice),5.Nem Lui(Broken Rice),6.Banh Xeo(Crispy Pancake),7.Bun Thit Nuong(Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork),8.Chao Tom(Sugarcane Prawn),9.Banh Canh Ca Loc(Catfish with rice noodle soup),10.Thach Rau Cau Dua((Coconut Jelly).All of these local foods are located in our food tour call:Amazing Local Food Explorer.

They are the most friendly,hospitable,honest,and enthusiastic in Vietnam.They can not speak English well but they are willing to help you any times about hotel,restaurant or attractions address when you just ask them for help.

The best months to visit Hoian city are Feb,Mar,and April because it is not too hot and not too cold.From May to August,it is sometimes very hot around 35-37 degrees and humidity but it is good for beach.About Sept to Nov,It has storms,floods in the central coast Vietnam.Dec and Jan,it is little cold but not much around 20 degrees.

Yes, I must say that all of our foods are very safe to eat and not any food poisonous to our guests so far and all are checked regularly by our company and the local government in term of cleaning and hygiene. And all of these foods are hot and fresh cooked.In case,you have any stomach upsets that may your body is strange to the new foods not our fault. So when you join in the food tours with us,you must be clear about this matter to have a pleasant time with us.

Yes,our tour price is the net  price and it is already included 10% local government tax and company tax.

I must say that No because we take care your safety.

Yes,All of your information are kept in confidential.

Because our company has a policy that Guest Experience,Take Care,and Memories with us is the our top priorities and we do not connect with any booking agents or sales agents to sell our tours so far.There fore,we do not give COMMISSION to them as another tour companies.In stead of that,we help our guests have a amazing tour experience(more foods,local presents,or souvenirs)  with us and our guests’ RECOMMENDATIONS to their friends that is the best marketing in this media world.That is the reason why our company has a price very reasonable to our guests even the service and Aodai riders also guides are very well trained and good English speaking.

Yes,This is the regulation from our our company and government and also to proctect you at any situations on the basketboat.

Yes,You can stand up and dance follow with the music on the basketboat to enjoy amazing moments on the river with us.